Parcelly foresees another significant year for click and collect'

''Click and collect services will continue to grow exponentially in 2016'', confirms Parcelly’s CEO, Sebastian Steinhauser.

Click and Collect booms in Europe

2015 has witnessed an exceptional growth in the number of shoppers opting for the click and collect method. Parcelly strives to grow further in 2016 to ease the customer journey of online shoppers. A first for the retail industry, Parcelly revolutionises the click and collect services for both customers and retailers. A new research by carried out by our R&D department highlights that Parcelly fuels footfall into convenience stores. Therefore, Parcelly helps to increase customer movement, using innovative solutions. The benefits offered to your business with Parcelly include:

  • Cross-selling opportunities! Customers are often tempted to buy extra items when collecting their original purchase. Parcelly also trains your staff to cross-sell at the collection point.
  • Customer Retention! You can improve customer’s buying experience with personal attention and a welcoming atmosphere. Small and medium sized businesses are becoming more and more dependent on services to run their operation. So becoming your customers' trusted 'advisor' will build customer loyalty and keep them for life!

A Collection Point to suit you!

Customers choose to use click and collect services as it is a convenient way to shop. With Parcelly, you can simply order online and then collect your parcels at a time that suits you. With hundreds of handy click and collect locations across the UK, Parcelly always has a collection point to suit you.


Retailers need to think Mobile!

Over the past few years there has been unprecedented growth in mobile commerce. Researchers say that 9 out 10 British shoppers now use their smartphone to do online shopping. There is a real urgency for retailers to react to this growth to meet the needs of consumers, or end up drastically falling behind to competitors.

Understanding the customer journey in affluent countries is getting more and more complex. Nowadays consumers are leaning towards a new trend: click and collect! As we covered before, click and collect is a fairly new concept that retailers will have to adopt to stay ahead of the competition. Research from retail experts suggests that consumers who use click and collect do not want to spend time in-store, even to collect online orders. Placing click-and-collect pickup in the back of the store doesn’t necessarily offer the level of convenience that customers want.

Retailers should focus on providing more options for shoppers to pick up their deliveries, from a variety of different locations. Parcelly facilitates this need, operating a network of collection points that allows retailers to offer a greater degree of convenience to their customers. E-commerce integration, in-store management, push notifications are some of the benefits that Parcelly offers to its clients.

If you are a retailer looking to offer convenience to your customers, Parcelly now offers an app based click and collect solution which allows online shoppers to collect their parcels from a trusted local store. The locations include convenience stores, gyms, pharmacies and other businesses that open every day, with some of them open 24/7. There are now more than 250 Parcelly locations across the UK offering shoppers an alternative to home delivery.

Retailers need to make the consumer’s experience convenient, simple and enjoyable. This means retailers need to think mobile as consumers’ demand to shop from their smartphone is growing rapidly.