Parcelly: A pioneer in the evolving world of click and collect

Customers are very keen to have more control. You don’t need to put your schedule on hold with click-and-collect.
— Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO of Parcelly

It’s recently become apparent that retailers simply will not have the capacity to keep up with their volume of click and collect demands, especially during peak periods such as Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Over the past ten years click and collect has developed rapidly and become a necessary offering for many retailers. Click and collect solves a big issue consumers have when buying online, which is that they are not always at home to collect their parcels. However, it also brings into two further issues: retail outlets have limited capacity to store their products and collection points are rarely in close vicinity to the customer.

At Parcelly, we solve all of these matters. By transforming redundant space in local businesses into parcel collection points, any business can become a location where parcels can be collected by shoppers. Also, our service gives the consumer complete control of where and when they collect their parcels. In a recent interview with Sean Fleming from, our CEO, Sebastian Steinhauser, summed this up well; “Customers are very keen to have more control. You don’t need to put your schedule on hold with click-and-collect. In addition to this, home delivery is an environmentally poor choice. When a parcel is missed by a customer, multiple attempts are needed for one delivery. This leads to increased traffic, not to mention air pollution".

By addressing the main issues with both online retail and click and collect,  Parcelly has already expanded it’s network all over the UK and beyond and aims to become the go-to choice for consumers. Parcelly encourages their customers to request new locations to make their collection even more convenient. 

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'Control is a beautiful thing.
With Parcelly you can collect your parcels when and where it is most convenient for you!'


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