Faiz Food Store, 53, Lewisham Shopping Centre, London, SE13 7EP - Location of the week #15

With Parcelly, you can support your local high street, shops and retailers. Get to know them better and follow our "Location of the week" post, this time:

Faiz Food Store

Location: 53, Lewisham Shopping Centre, London, SE13 7EP

Our team:
"My name is Firoz Akuji and I am the Manager. "

What we do best:
"Our clients benefit from our convenient opening times, 7 days a week. We have a very central location with a Natwest bank nearby and we offer special and fresh Jamaican grocery and pastries, which makes us unique in the area."

Favourite thing about Parcelly:
"Parcelly helps us to increase our customer base and is a very ease of mind solution for people who purchase online. "

Opening times:
Mon-Sa, 8.30AM-5.30PM, Sun, 11.00AM-4.30PM