I work from home: why should I use Click & Collect?

Click & Collect is about convenience: you shop online when you need something or when you have access to discounts and special offers, then receive the goods when is best for you.

Even when you work from home all the time (or just when needed), it is still about convenience. Who wants to be denied the options of going to the shop for a quick coffee just because the postman might come around in those 5 minutes?

The Parcelly delivery model allows people to take advantage of small retailer’s long opening hours and pick up their parcels on the day that best suits them.

Do you want to buy a little something for your mother or daughter? No problem – you can now get it delivered to a location close to her and she will pick it up one of the following days.

Are you a woman and don’t want to risk going to the post depot in the evening in the dark? Then Parcelly is for you.

You are away and really want to get that item quickly? Post it to a Parcelly location and pick it up when you’re back home.

Intrigued? Try it for free now! Simply download the app and you can test our service yourself.

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