When your parcel gets delivered to the wrong address

A few days ago John, a friend of mine told me about his frustration with the local postal service. His brother sent him a book as a birthday present but a couple of weeks later, after he hadn’t heard anything from him, he asked John what he thought of the book. Well, John never received it. He got on the phone with the seller who referred him to the courier company, and they in turn claimed it had been delivered to a neighbour’s flat. After long conversations and endless frustration, John never got hold of the book.

Unfortunately these examples are not isolated occurrences. A simple Google search for “parcel delivered to the wrong address” will return approx. 700,000 search results of unsatisfied people who had to chase their own purchase.

If a parcel gets delivered to the wrong address you are in the hands of the delivery company – even though the retailer selects the courier, as Martin Lewis pointed out in his blog. Private flats and houses can prove tricky when drivers don’t know the area, while high street shops represent less of a challenge to drivers – they are easier to find and there is always someone in the shop to confirm it is the correct address.

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