Whitemore Supermarket, 30 Whitmore Road, London, N1 5QA - Location of the week #14

With Parcelly, you can support your local high street, shops and retailers. Get to know them better and follow our "Location of the week" post, this time:


30 Whitmore Road, London, N1 5QA

Our team:
"This is a family business. My name is Zeynal and Mustafa H. is one of our managers."

What we do best:
"We're known for our good customer service here in Islington. We're open until late, including Sundays and we are in a quite central location."

Favourite thing about Parcelly:
"Parcelly is a great service for our customers who want to collect parcels here".

Opening times:
Mon-Sun, 7.00AM-10.00PM