Guys Newsagents, 129, Central Street, London, EC1V 8AP - Location of the week #14

With Parcelly, you can support your local high street, shops and retailers. Get to know them better and follow our "Location of the week" post, this time:

Guys Newsagents and Off License

Location: 129, Central Street, Kings Square, London, EC1V 8AP

Our team:
"My name is Himanshu Patel and I am the Manager of Guys Newsagents."

What we do best:
"We offer long opening hours and start early in the morning. We offer a wide range of products which is great for this very residential area."

Favourite thing about Parcelly:
"I used to keep parcels for customers and neighbours and spent a lot of time taking care of these deliveries. Parcelly makes my life easier and provides many additional benefits."

Opening times:
Mon-Sa, 7.00AM-7.00PM, Sun, 7.00AM-2PM