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> What should I pack in the suitcase?

  • Donations with which to fill the suitcases should include:
    • Women’s leggings
    • Sandals for men, women, and children
    • Flip flops all sizes up to 46(EU)/11(UK)/12 US
    • Men’s sweatpants/joggers
    • Men’s white vests/sleeveless shirts
    • Women’s scarves. Large oblong, plain and patterned
    • Face cream
    • Sun block
    • Women’s handbags
    • Belts for men
    • Belts for women
    • Shorts
    • Children’s colouring books and colours
    • Arabic books
    • Arabic films (DVDs)
    • Mr Bean DVDs

> How do I drop-off my suitcase?

  • After registering we will send you a unique Parcelly ID to attach to your suitcase, and the details of your nearest participating Parcelly Donation Centre. You will also be given a one week time slot in which to drop in your suitcase.

> Are there any specifications for the suitcase?

  • It should be a large suitcase with wheels, not exceeding the following dimensions: 29" high, 10" deep, 19" wide, and not heavier than 10kg in weight.

> I am already a Parcelly customer, can I use my existing Parcelly ID?

  • Hello friend! Unfortunately, you cannot use your current Parcelly ID but we will provide you with a new Parcelly ID for free.

> Which Parcelly location do I need to drop off my suitcase?

  • Don’t worry about choosing a Donation Centre – we will do it for you! At the registration stage, your most convenient Parcelly donation point will be generated based on your postcode.

> How much does it cost to donate my suitcase?

  • Not a single penny! As Logistics Sponsor we take care of shipping the suitcases to Greece.

> What happens to the suitcase once it is dropped off?

  • Your suitcase will be safely shipped in bulk to Northern Greece, where it will be distributed to refugee camps.

> How do I need to wrap the suitcase?

  • To ensure the suitcase reaches the destination in the safest condition, please wrap the suitcase with brown parcel tape 2/3 times.